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Who am I?


Welcome to my world, my photo world.
Just as I live life, I make pictures, with heart and soul.
Searching for light and darkness, focus and depth, "the" moment in all its forms,
the beauty of people and that of the globe we live on.
Observing in the background but without directing, without my being there,
engaged in what I see, I tell one of the many stories of my heart.


A lifetime full of images, more than 25 years looking for "the" image that touches...

I have a warm place in my heart for Voeren, the village where I live.
After 20 years I am still discovering time and again how beautiful it can be here, and still happy and privileged that I may live here. The easiest way to let  know about this, is on the weather feature of the VRT.

Driven by my irresistible urge to explore,  I regularly set off so as not to become rusty. Desolate, cold and deserted are very important to me.


Nathalie Pirard
Veurs 70
3790 Sint Martens Voeren

Tel: +32/(0)4 381.30.74
GSM: +32/(0)496.54.02.44


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