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Once a week I send a picture to the weather forecast of the VRT (Flemish Radio and Television).

I’ve put my latest weather photos on this part of the website. They are not always equally beautiful, but rain or shine you always need to take a weather picture, so even if it’s grey or raining cats and dogs, the fact that it makes no sense is not an argument.

Making weather photos, a snap do you think?
Obviously, it isn’t always. There are a couple of rules you need to take into account.

The landscape may only take up one-fifth of the picture, the remaining four-fifths is reserved for the sky, after all it’s about the weather. But yes, living in Voeren where the landscape is hilly, it’s quite difficult to get an entire landscape into one-fifth.

The photo needs to have a 16:9 ratio, just like our television set. Your camera doesn’t take photos in a 16:9 ratio but using two-thirds, a bit of your photo will need to be removed.

Also make sure that the weatherman or woman doesn’t end up standing in front of your subject.
They stand on the right, so your subject must be found on the left hand side of the screen.

Once you have all that together, you also need to make sure you aren’t shooting against the light. Because if you are, the difference between light and dark will be too great, and the result is that either the sky or the foreground is too light, or vice versa. Even if it’s cloudy, you could be shooting against the light. You don’t see it, because your eyes and brains are clever and compensate for that, but your camera doesn’t...

It’s a challenge to put something interesting into the picture, even if one doesn’t always succeed every time...

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